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magical interplay of tried-and-tested components

Technological perfection and emotional attraction are united in the Luminante model, whereby
the magic of the hood is embodied in the harmony of stainless steel and glass. The glass
condensation filters with magnetic band fixation not only set a visual highlight, but also
accommodate state-of-the-art fan technology behind glass thanks to innovative full-surface
extraction. Intuitive operation by means of gently touching the control panel allows easy
access to the individual functions.


  • LED lighting (also possible in warm white)
  • innovative control element slider
  • slot glass extraction
  • condensation filter with magnetic band


900 x 600 mm
1000/1200/1400/1500 x 700 mm

Luminante Double
1800/2000/2200 x 700 mm


900/1200 x 580 mm

1800/2000/2200 x 580 mm

supercharger model

external, internal, recirculation

Energy Label

to Energy Label

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