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unimposing innovation

It was the critical examination of common and everyday events that brought forth the first ceiling-mounted model in the world with an integrated recirculation function on the basis of substance and quality. The return of the circulated air prevents the fumes from laterally escaping and provides a comfortable room climate feeling. Its attractive design, arising from the combination of stainless steel and glass elements, maintains the appearance of elegant unobtrusiveness with a model height of only 14 cm.
Capa – the harmonious combination of technological perfection and attractiveness.


  • full-surface extraction
  • remote control
  • triangular filter with magnetic strip
  • black glass, alternative glass colour white
  • LED lighting,
    light colour can be selected (cold or natural white)
  • suspended version with steel rope possible in C version


1000/1200 x 700 mm

supercharger model

1000/1200 x 700 mm


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