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independence from time and space

Beautifully designed, the magic of motion in the Planea model completely unveils the
functional performance of a sophisticated recirculating air model.
The balanced light concept with workplace and ambient lighting sheds a whole new light on
true passion for cooking.
The aesthetic concept of the Planea element is reminiscent of the beauty and elegance of a
clear blue sky, while the dynamics of the harmonious motion of the mobile component of the
model design represent an inspiring requirement for adaptation to the cooking situation in


  • height-adjustable model
  • 2 for 1: Ceiling model and conventionally suspended element
  • LED lighting (workplace and ambient lighting)
  • remote control
  • edge extraction
  • condensation filter with magnetic band
  • offset and flush installation possible
  • model with gas-assisted shock absorber


1200 x 700 mm

supercharger model



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