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inspiration by design

The model Futura represents an amazing development from GUTMANN – an extendible
trough ventilation with invisible exhaust. A minimalist and sensible aesthetic is the result of the
harmonic combination of stainless steel and glass elements whose functionality is guaranteed
through innovative edge suction in conjunction with the use of high-quality condensation fi lter.
The entire module disappears completely into the counter at the push of a button. The Futura
recess ventilator is equipped with LED-effect lighting.


  • magnetic line filter with high grease absorption
  • high efficiency through edge suction
  • retractability
  • easy to clean though removable glass top
  • pressure blower
  • indirect lighting


900/1200 x 520 mm
900/1200 x 490 mm
900/1200 x 245 mm

supercharger model

external, internal, recirculation


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