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The NIVEL is the first downdraft system that utilizes five cooking zones and the extractor hood is parallel to the cooking zones. It ensures pure air through the triple filtration (water vapor, grease and odors). The filter technology is integrated in a patented technical drawer.
The NIVEL is available in the width of 930mm. Optionally available as exhaust air (internal or external engine) or circulating air.


NIVEL Product Video on you tube


  • 5 cooking zones (each 2 octagonal zones right and left, which are bridgeable and a large round zone in the center
  • 3-fold filtration (fat, condensate and odor)
  • Extraction via two slots parallel to the cooking zones
  • Technical drawer for easy cleaning
  • flush integration or mounted installation with visible stainless steel frame possible


Width 930mm. x Depth 520mm.

supercharger model

internal, external, recirculation