Eliminador Technology

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Virus and odor elimination technology

The new innovative technology represents a perfect combination of style and function for an impressive kitchen experience. Do you cook a lot and often?
Let be inspired by excellent combination of UVC and UVA technology as well as a long antivirus effect.

---> The Eliminador is the innovative technology from GUTMANN, the advantage of which for everyone is the room air purification systems are generally ready for quickly and safety use and can be used immediately.  

- stand-alone devices: Eliminador 1.20, colour: black and Eliminador 1.10, colour: bright
- Wall/Ceiling devices**

Material: stainless steel, plastic. Option: RAL painting, surcharge.

The high-dose UVC light technology disinfects safe. That is easy handling for healthy indoor air: the virus is irradiated using UVC light technology. The NDA structure of virus will be modificated. Finally, the virus will be eliminated by using of the UVC technology. The devices provide a flexible solution for perfect room air purification against viruses and bacteria, including Covid 19, and create a pleasant environment. There will be the opportunity for our customers to find a constant virus-free room, in which they can feel good and safe.

The effective UVA technology, in combination with a photocatalysis filter, eliminates 99.9% of odors.

-->The Eliminador technology does not create ozone!<--

Product features*:
- Remote control
- Air throughput from 350 to approx. 500 m3/h
- Operation over 4 power levels
- Control/LED display: 2 to 5
- Weight: approx. 30 kg
- Dimension: Height 1,4 m; Diameter 0,26 m
* Technical changes reserved.

**The images of the wall and ceiling air purification devices will follow shortly.

Another module in the development is our new air cleaning cartridge (LRK) with UVA technology + photocatalysis. This innovative air purifying cassette can be universal used in all our other hoods and in all hoods available on the market. Air cleaning is also reached here with 99.9% of odor reduction.

Product features*:
- Material of casing: stainless steel
- UVA technology (LED): 10 pieces
- TiO2 catalyst: 1 piece
- Grease filter: 1 piece
- Control board with air sensor
- Dimension (LxWxH): 400x330x100 mm
* Technical changes reserved.

**The images of the air purifying cassette will follow shortly.

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