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A perfect Ventilation-System

GUTMANN is conscious of the importance of the overall combination of a perfectly functioning ventilation system. Therefore, GUTMANN also offers numerous blower variants, which meet the demands various spatial conditions.

GUTMANN motors are extremely powerful and have a long time while producing very little noise. All blowers are constructed in such a manner that they can be used almost anywhere.

GUTMANN blower technology:

  • high flow speed at the filter
  • efficient extraction and correspondingly extremely reduced odour problem
  • safety in the household due to optimised solutions in case of the simultaneous use of a flue, gas cookers, etc.
  • Individual wishes with regard to appearance, material or colour design possible in accordance with pattern

GUTMANN radial blowers are speciality products. They are used in hoods in cases where particularly high outputs or volume flow rates are required and are characterised by their great pressure stability.